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Att Rega Turntable owners: NEW REGA NEO turntable Power Supply

The Neo PSU uses the RP10 DSP (digital signal processing) generator built upon a high stability crystal.
The DSP generator will divide the accurate signal from the crystal to the exact frequency required to turn the platter at the selected speed.
The DSP generator will also produce a near perfect sinusoidal waveform to drive the motor.
This, along with an efficient drive amplifier, generates a 24V AC balanced signal of less than 0.15% distortion, which is completely un-affected by any changes in the mains/line voltage and conditions

The Neo PSU is compatible with the following Rega turntable models:

P3-24 / RP3 / Planar 3 2016 / RP6 / P5 / P7 / RP40 special edition / RP8 or any older Rega turntable fitted with the aftermarket 24v motor upgrade kit.

Retail $475 Inc G.S.T

Remember the days of flared trousers, platform shoes, the mullet hairstyle?
that was also when The Apple Computer Company was formed, Concorde began operations in UK and France and Abba and The Bay City Rollers were topping the charts.

That was also the first time the world was introduced to the ‘Planar 2 and Planar 3’ turntables – the rest is ‘History’, as the saying goes.

Well, the boys – oops, People at Rega UK have re-introduced the famous Marques but be rest assured, these models are not simple re-hashed designs from vaults. No, these models have been two years in the making and sound amazing, by far the best Rega turntable range ever produced.

So put on those Flares and platforms and book an audition with any of the Shore Hi-fi crew.