Naim Audio is our premium brand and has been so for 16
years. Shore Hi Fi is the exclusive Auckland representative for the fine UK brand.

A British company based in Salisbury, Naim was founded in 1969 and has gone on to being one of the most prestigious and influential high fidelity companies in the world today.

Naim’s philosophy is simple: high performance, consistency and well thought out evolution of product lineups, also providing backup and service that is the envy of the hi-fi industry.

Naim’s product life is possibly the longest in the hi-fi world, which is great from the consumers’ point of view. Naim will adopt changes when, and only when, they are satisfied that a current trend is here for the long haul, not changing direction because of market forces have adopted a new “trend”. This simple but conservative approach is something I personally admire.

Naim have been keeping a close eye developments with home theatre. With the initial confusion of home theatre dissipating and the market Naim are completing their range with some inspired home theatre products

Due to Naim’s exhaustive research and development you can be sure that the products you purchase are at the cutting edge of technology and musically some of the best products available.

We can supply Naim mastered CD’s and vinyl – yes vinyl. Check out Naim’s main site for details.

For more information on Naim see the main Naim website.