Rega's philosophy is to make high quality products at sensible prices, as a means of reproducing music as faithfully as possible.

Rega was founded in 1973 by Roy Gandy. In the mid-1970s the Planar 3 (now P3) was developed and quickly took its place in the market as the finest budget turntable. Roy continues to supply the direction for the company, specifically as a member of the design and development department and in the selection of new export markets.

Rega have a long history in New Zealand, with Rega turntables long being the choice for audiophiles on a budget. Shore Hi-Fi have been selling Rega since the store was established and are Auckland's exclusive Rega dealer.

Rega have recently upgraded their entire turntable lineup, starting with the excellent P1 right up to the mighty P9. Match these turntables with the appropriate Rega cartridge and you have a fantastic LP playback system.

Rega have always had a reputation for no frills products combined with fine engineering, at realistic prices, this attitude extends through their electronics range as well. The little Rega Brio Amplifier can musically outperform many amplifiers twice the price. Replacing the world-famous Rega Planet CD player, the Apollo astounds listeners with its musical, involving presentation of music.

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