Music Lover....amongst other things!
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Anthony (pictured behind a speaker somewhere, backstage!) received his first record (yes, the vinyl type!) when he was six years old (and yes, that was very many moons ago!). To date, he still won’t tell anyone what it actually was either. This led to his love of collecting music from almost all genres which eventually paved the way to his zeal for high-end audio.
Coming from a very musical family and with a background in Mathematics, the closest Anthony has ever come to being a musician himself, is his extensive love for music and appreciation for well designed and engineered High Fidelity and technology.
In the early 80’s (so last century!) he was part of a small team who wrote “Audio Tweaking” columns for Hifi magazines. He then made his way through Hifi Specialist Retailing and Wholesale here and in Australia. With well over 25 years of experience in, and exposure to the industry, Anthony is very aware of the various challenges and pitfalls consumers now face when either considering their first great music system, right through to the ever-changing technologies of their whole automated home. His very deep and quiet love for all things “Vinyl & Valve” for music playback has extended Anthony’s passion to making the most of, and expecting the highest level of today’s music streaming fidelity and functionality. His knowledge, skill and experience is well worth making use of! 