Retail Manager...Yeah Right!
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(pictured left rear, stage right!) known to the team by another name (but you’d have to ask him to get it though!) has been in the industry for 20+ years.
The local hifi industry, as small as it is, has meant that Palmer is already known to a sizable portion of the Shore Hi-Fi clientele which has aided his seamless integration into the team.
This was helped even more as Palmer and Anthony had worked closely together in the past, and now come full circle.
Palmer loves Valves! Or “Tubes” as some refer to it by. He has already introduced a few items into the range.
So if there are kindred tube spirits out there, come in and ‘chew the fat’. Palmer thought he knew a thing or two about streaming but has recently been introduced to the Naim’s world of Music Streaming... let’s just say, he was ‘‘gob smacked’’!
Come and meet our newest member in the flesh – well, in person at least 
Palmer loves nearly all genres of music and fervour for most high-end audio